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The Time-Resolved ARPES (TR-ARPES) endstation at ALLS, INRS-EMT, explores transient electronic and structural properties of quantum matter on femtosecond timescales. Our ultimate goal is to develop optical "knobs" to control the properties of quantum materials on-demand.  

We have an in-house time- and angle-resolved photoemission (TR-ARPES) system, provided by SPECS, which relies on a next-generation electron hemispherical analyzer (super-wide 2D momentum mapping), closed-cycle cryostat (sample temperature 10-1100 K), and fully-motorized five-axis manipulator. Additional characterizations of the equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium properties of quantum materials are carried out at synchrotron and free-electron-laser facilities. 

















High-power Ytterbium-based laser sources with a repetition rate in the 20-250 kHz range are provided by ALLS laboratory and are used to generate the ultrashort pulses needed for TR-ARPES experiments. Specifically, high photon-energy probe pulses (>15 eV) will be achieved via high-harmonics generation in gases, while high-intensity long-wavelength (>5 μm) pump excitations, generated via optical parametric amplification and difference-frequency generation, are used to photoexcite and control the electronic properties of quantum materials via:

A list of available research projects can be found here

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