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Media Appearances

2021 - An overview of the Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) user-facility at INRS

2021 - Fabio Boschini strengthens Canadian excellence in TR-ARPES - QMI: link

2021 - Yale team discovers ring-like structure of electrons in high-temperature superconductors - Yale News: link

2021 - Copperizing the Complexity of Superconductivity - UC San Diego: link

2021 - Rethinking the fundamental way electrons interact in superconducting quantum materials - Yale News: link

2021 - Multi-site collaboration originating at UBC reveals how Coulomb's law is "bent" in solids - QMI: link

2020 - When temperature fails: a non-thermal description of electron relaxation - QMI: link

2019 - New laser technique images quantum world in a trillionth of a second - UBC: link

2018 - UBC researchers track the ultrafast emergence of superconductivity - UBC science: link

2018 - Probing the mysteries of superconductivity - CIFAR: link

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