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List of current projects

  • Floquet physics in Dirac-like systems

We will explore the transient modifications of the band-structure of graphene and graphite via light-induced and phonon-induced Floquet states

  • Resonant Phonon Pumping via TR-ARPES imaging ​

We will investigate how light-induced resonant phonons affect the electronic and​ transport properties of quantum materials by direct visualization of the electronic band structure.

Different materials will be studied: C-based systems, transition metal oxides, transition metal dichalcogenides

  • Transient control of the non-uniform atomic polarizability of quantum materials

The exotic properties of quantum materials are intrinsically related to how electrons interact  within the solid. By pumping phonon modes resonantly, we will change atomic positions within the ​unit cell, transiently tuning how electrons hop from one site to the other, i.e. the overall functional form of the electronic interaction potential in the real/reciprocal space. This project, by exploiting a multi-technique approach including TR-ARPES, time-resolved x-ray scattering and time-resolved electron diffraction, will explore the role of fundamental electron interactions in a variety of quantum materials

  • Measurement of the noise-correlations in the TR-ARPES signal

In this project, we will detect pairs of electrons emitted simultaneously by the same probe pulse. This correlation signal between two electrons with different momenta shares a direct relation to two-body correlation functions, offering novel insights into the many-body physics of quantum materials

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